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Embryo Transfer Services

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Reagan Brooks started Agrimark Genetics in 1985 as an on farm embryo transfer and bovine reproduction business. In 2010 we moved from our 20 year location in Martindale to our new state of the art facility in Kingsbury, TX. Our goal is to tailor our services to fit each customers needs. With both In House and On-Farm services we are able to provide high quality services to all customers regardless of their facilities.

Complete In House E.T.
Agrimark provides services of embryo collection, embryo freezing and transfer. Our facility in Kingsbury was built to house donor cows in the most stress free environment possible. Donor cows are managed in small pastures not feedlot conditions.

On farm E.T. Services
With our mobile lab we can provide high quality embryo transfer service at your ranch with a minimum of facilities necessary.

Ultrasound Services
Early pregnancy detection. Ultrasound allows us to detect pregnancy in cows as early as 28 days.
Fetal Sexing-Sex of the fetus can be determined at 60 to 90 days of gestation. -
Carcass merit-Ultrasound is used to determine rib-eye are, fat thickness, and marbleing score.

Estrus Synchronization and Timed A.I. Programs
Estrus synchronization has improved to the point that we can synchronize estrus and breed the entire herd of cattle in one day (up to 150) with up to 75% success. Imagine the benefit of having 75% of your cows bred on the first day of breeding season.

Allows access to the best bulls in the industry. Improved weaning weights, carcass quality etc.
Cuts the number of bulls needed by 2/3
Reduces disease transmission
More cows bred early in the breeding season